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The original purpose of this blog was to document the renovation of our 100+ year old limestone in Brooklyn, NY. Naturally there are lot of posts on the topic but I've a little pictorial guide to help you find what you're most interested in. Just click on any of the images to bring you to most of the posts about that space. If you have any questions that aren't already answered within these pages, feel free to drop me a line.

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Imagine it.  Brooklyn, sometime in the 1980s.  I was just a kid and happened to catch some tv segment about families visiting Finnish Lapland to meet the big guy in red in the "real" North Pole.  It looked magical then but our family did not go on vacations no less fancy international ones to play in the snow so I filed it away in the back reaches of my brain.  It wasn't until years later that I was bit by the travel bug that I realized this was a real thing that lots of people did.  (Mostly Europeans.  Lapland is not on the travel map of most Americans - likely due to the distance and general lack of marketing to Americans).  I have been waiting for my kids to be old enough to enjoy the experience and it was finally time.  Off we headed to Finnish Lapland.There are many ways to visit Lapl...
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Posted 4 weeks 4 days ago.

Another year, time for another Christmas mailing!This year we sent out 2 single serving tubes of yummy hot cocoa + marshmallow bits. Just add hot milk and enjoy.This year I totally splurged on the postage but I will warn you postage rates have gone up a lot since the last time I did something bulky like this. We hand delivered a bunch to save some $ but then just bite the bullet on the rest.As usual, I designed the card (thank you selfie stick for this year's family portrait) and put Luke to work in helping putting it all together.  It's a labor of love for sure. We hope our family and friends enjoy a warm cuppa on us.Sources:Test TubesMarshmallow BitsEnvelopesLabelsYou are reading an original post by Brooklyn Limestone. For more, follow on instagram, facebook and twitter...
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Posted 8 weeks 5 days ago.

If you are following me on Insta, you might remember this little french provincial style desk we picked up for $20 bucks at a flea market. Aggie actually chose it so it was an easy sale. I shared a photo of her standing next to it proudly and soooo many people messaged me to say they had this same desk growing up in their bedroom. Not surprising since it was a big seller for years from Sears. It originally sold for $79!Obviously I couldn't leave it as it was...
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Posted 9 weeks 4 days ago.

I'll admit that I have done zero holiday decorating thus far (Bad Blogger Award™ 5 years straight, thank you very much!), but I do have some fun holiday inspiration to share from last year. We threw a Gingerbread Decorating Party for our daughter's 6th birthday and it was a total blast. An insane kid sugar fueled rave kinda blast, but a blast none the less.We purchased gingerbread kits from Ikea ($4 each) and loads of extra candy.  I made the gingerbread houses the night before so they would be set up firmly by the times the kids arrived. I was fully prepared to hot glue them together if my royal icing didn't solidify but thankfully that wasn't necessary.Because I'm extra, there were a few little DIY elements to amp up the style...
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Posted 13 weeks 3 days ago.

It's that time of year again - holiday shopping begins. I always promise myself I'll get all my holiday shopping done by end of November (so I can enjoy the holiday fun in December) so it's total crunch time for me. Coming up with thoughtful ideas can be a challenge so it's the perfect time for this year's edition of Favorite Things!Thanks to Melissa of 320 Sycamore for inviting me to play along with some wonderful company.Without further ado, here are my Favorite Things for 2019 Gifts in no particular order.1. Embossing Label Maker Yes this is that old school clickity-clackety one you might remember from your childhood. I treated myself to one earlier this year and I am labeling EVERYTHING. The best $10 bucks I spent this year, hands down...
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Posted 14 weeks 4 days ago.

It's that time of year again!  Time to open my literal closet full of skeletons and decorate for Halloween. Welcome to Prospect Dark!Boo!A few months ago, I stumbled upon this old baby pram that started me on the idea as a play on our local park, Prospect Park.  Of course our version is only for the dead and their leisurely pursuits.This park has a mom and dad fussing over baby, a cyclist, a graveyard, spooky plants and of course one angry dog.I made the two large tombstones using some scrap wood.  One to honor the famous designers of the real Prospect Park and the other to reference our planned family costume, The Addams Family. I usually like to make the décor match our costume more closely but I made an exception this year and just keep the décor in the generally creepy category...
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Posted 19 weeks 4 days ago.

Anyone else living in an old home knows it's a constant battle to find storage for all of the things we need for modern living that our Victorian friends seemed to manage without. Especially now with little kids, the storage space we built during our renovation just never seems enough.  So when said goodbye to our high chair, that spot seemed like the perfect spot for a small sideboard to hold all those little odds and ends that you need for diner parties.The only problem was that spot on the wall was quite narrow so something ready made just did not exist...
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Posted 21 weeks 2 days ago.

Earlier this year we took a short trip to Lisbon, Portugal and totally fell in love with the city. It's small yet full of life, charming in the most authentic way, has amazing food and drink and is just lovely all around.We had been avoiding Lisbon because of the steep hills and narrow sidewalks - both which are not especially stroller friendly - until our youngest was old enough to take at least short walks without one...
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Posted 24 weeks 4 days ago.