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We started our renovation blog when we purchased our second house in Townsville, Queensland, Australia back in 2005.

Our house is an old traditional miners cottage that was built in about 1870 in the area around Charters Towers, in Outback Queensland, Australia. It was moved to Townsville around the 1930's to it's current location.

The house has seen a lot of renovations over the years, including our current renovations. The renovations that we have undertaken include:
  • Raising and restumping the house
  • Enclosing under the house
  • Adding a garage
  • Making an outdoor entertaining area
  • Adding window hoods
  • Adding Air Conditioning to the House
  • Replacing the Bathroom
  • New Driveway
  • and lots more ...
It is an ongoing project, and we continue to add some small and some large changes to the house.
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It’s coming to the time of year that we get reduced cloud cover and a lot more sunshine. This will mean that our solar panels will start to generate more power again, which is helpful. It’s been quite a while since I last cleaned them, so last weekend I picked up a soft bristle brush to have a go at cleaning them. The last few times that I have cleaned the panels I have just hosed them off, letting the water pressure from the hose do the work of cleaning the solar panels. However this year I’ll be giving them a scrub to really clean them up. I was curious about what kind of performance increase I would get from cleaning them, and after watching the below video, I reckon it’ll be pretty significant...
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