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With Halloween less than a week away, I'm busy getting ready for our little shindig.  Doing my best to stay on theme with our Witch Supply Co. (exterior decor and invitations ICYMI) concept, here are a few vignettes that will greet our guests. sources: pose n stay skeleton | gulp mug | skeleton mice | witch's hat | gray's anatomysources: crow skeleton | pipe cleaners |  spanish moss | eyeball orbssources: blood stain removal sign | eyeball orbssources: black craft pumpkins | felt letter board | skeleton vulture...
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Posted 1 day 13 min ago on Brooklyn Limestone

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The kitchen post train is pulling into the station once again, this time with a look behind the scenes doors & drawers to show you what we put where. Where’s the trash? Where are the knives? What about that blender for my morning smoothies? Where’s all the dang food?  Well, all is about to be revealed. We even recorded a quick video tour since we loved this kitchen organization tour that Chris & Julia shared last year. But first, if you haven’t read the full kitchen reveal post from last week, I’d recommend hopping over there first. As happy as we are to have a better looking kitchen, a better functioning kitchen is really where its at....
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Posted 1 day 22 hours ago on This Young House

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I've been working hard on the house and will soon be posting some news on the color choices, details of painting and construction update but right now I thought I would share some images of some of my favorite OP bungalows. I am not sure that this is a housing type that most people think of when they think of Oak Park but we have a many fantastic examples here. Enjoy!...
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Posted 2 days 8 hours ago on Tiny Oak Park Bungalow

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Finish Carpenter Joinery Tricks Finish carpentery is the art of adding the final touches to a home or building.  Finish carpentry skills, like cutting a Jack Miter, are needed to apply door and... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] ...
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Posted 4 days 21 hours ago on A Concord Carpenter Comments

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Steeped in history, full of charm, and jam packed with interesting sights and architecture, the streets of Old Town Alexandria's neighborhoods make for a day of fun while wandering, gawking, and learning.Having lived in Alexandria since 2000, and in historic Old Town since 2003, we never tire of Old Town. It's not unusual to find us going on walks several times per week just to enjoy this place we call home. Now that we're solidly into the beautiful fall weather, we want to share some of our favorite Old Town Alexandria walking paths with you. Best of all, these are all tours from the perspective of locals.If you're not familiar with Old Town Alexandria, it's divided into four primary quadrants, Southeast, Northeast, Southwest, and Northwest....
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Campell Hausfeld just released two new air compressors- the pancake DC060500 and horizontal DC080500. Both compressors include all the features you’d expect from a trusted brand like Campell Hausfeld. What sets these compressors apart is the low sound output. Both compressors are designed to be among the quietest in the industry. Campell Hausfeld sent us one of the new horizontal compressors to try out. Opinions are my own. Read on for the full review. Up to 50% Quieter If you’ve ever used a compressor indoors for framing or painting, you know how loud it can be. It’s almost impossible to talk over a typical compressor as it cycles on and off. Even worse, it can be a real disturbance to a homeowner as you work....
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Posted 2 weeks 3 days ago on One Project Closer

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The central stair hall / vestibule of our house is pretty unique for a Philly row house. The door is centered in the front facade and you immediately have three choices when entering the front door: turn left to the living room, go straight up the stairs, turn right into the dining room. Fourth option is of course turn around and down the stoop to the garden. It’s not a spacious front hall by any means, but it does mean we have a gracious steep and wide stair which is always on display to guests and tempting small children to climb. As mentioned before, we started test- stripping some paint and had paint samples on the wall and the risers. For 6-7 years. It was easy to overlook this area as we wrapped up other projects....
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Posted 5 weeks 6 hours ago on Madison Square

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As a reminder, when I started the back stoop, which seems like forever ago, it looked like this:So it was time.  At the end of the last post, the stoop was looking like:It was getting there.  Really, all I had to do was paint, but if you know me - I......hate.....painting!  Stain on the floorboards and two coats of B-I-N primer, and two coats of paint later, here it was (of course Linus supervised throughout):Oh, just a quick step backward - here's the stoop without the doors.  As you can see the mower and some other things are stored below:What you can't see here is that the storage runs the entire length of the back porch, more storage is always good!...
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Posted 7 weeks 1 day ago on 173 Our Old House

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AGL, our current electricity provider, recently updated us to a digital or “smart” meter. The specific model that they installed is an EDMI Atlas Mk10D. When we had the meter installed by AGL we were informed that we could opt out from the new meter. We decided to go ahead with it because it would allow us more detail of our energy usage....
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Posted 8 weeks 1 day ago on Renovate Australia

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Canyon Ridge® Limited Edition Series Carriage House Doors Years ago there were very few options when it came to garage doors. You either bought a steel door that looked rather commercial or you went with a wood door that required lots of maintenance. Sure there were many different styles to choose... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] ...
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Posted 18 weeks 6 days ago on Helpful Advice for Home Construction Improvement